A payment system built for your remote team.

Pay independent contractors, online employees, or local hires in the Middle East with AlgoPay. Users do not need a bank account to apply.

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Safety first

Paying your workers through Algo means no more sending them large amounts of cash each month, putting them at risk of theft.

Convenience for you

Everything is handled digitally, straight from your phone or computer. No need to sort cash or make trips to cash transfer agents.

Convenience for them

Over half of workers send part of their paycheck to family. With Algo, they make those transfers straight from their phone. Online transfers save your team members time, fees, and stress.


What kind of companies use Algo for Business?

Companies that Outsource
You are a business that outsources work to freelancers or independent contractors (example: translation company, technology company)

Companies that Connect
You are a business that connects freelancers or independent contractors to other businesses (example: freelancing platform, microwork platform, ride sharing platform)

Who do companies pay with Algo for Business?

Freelancers, contractors, or remote team members— translators you hired for a quick project, or your staff in another country— based in the Middle East.

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